Get the Best Tips for Mandap Decoration from Wedding Mandap Decorators in Auckland

 Get the Best Tips for Mandap Decoration from Wedding Mandap Decorators in Auckland

Best wedding mandap decorators in Auckland like to offer you a mandap that you have not seen before and make your wedding memorable. In a traditional Indian wedding, the mandap is the prime focus of the decoration. It is the place where the bride and groom take the vow to stay with each other for a lifetime. The most important rituals of a wedding such as Kanya Daan, Jaimala, and Mangal Sutra Bandhan are performed on this platform. 

Over the years, Auckland-based wedding planners are offering beautiful mandaps that look vibrant and colourful enhancing the positive vibe of the event.

Here are mandap decorations ideas to impress your guests. Let’s explore some mandap ideas. 

Have a Royal Mandap to Satisfy the Royal in You

When you think about royal elegance, you must think about the dome structure with royal seating and red sandstones. Experienced wedding mandap decorators in Auckland can bring all the elements of the designs together to give you the desired look. If you have such a royal look for the wedding, you may not require any other recreation. Use red roses, white marigolds and other flowers to decorate the area around the mandap completing its majestic look. 

Use a Floral Canopy for Spring Vibe

The floral mandap is in vogue at the moment. And, a wedding planner can take it to the next level. In addition to the canopy, you can try different types of flower-based decorations such as floral archways, floral hangings and floral forests. If you use flowers, you can get countless decorations. 

Experience professionals create a floral canopy that looks quite astounding. Victorian-esque chaise, floor seating and conventional gold decoration help enhance the beauty of the mandap and surrounding area during the wedding party.

Look for a majestic and sculpted Nordic Forest feel

If there are blooms around the trees and branches, you may get the true forest feel. For the true lover of nature, it can be an ideal mandap design. You can go with an all-white look to give it a regal look. 

For an outdoor wedding, it is especially a great wedding mandap decoration idea. With a professional wedding planner, you can create a version of a magical floral forest. Decide the colour code and give professionals a chance to execute it. Instead of simple white, you can go with pastel pink, orchid purple and blue.  

Moulded trees and branches should be around the wedding venue to keep everything in place.

Open Mandaps are Just Awesome

Your job is not completed when you choose a wedding mandap. It is just the beginning. Professionals from one of the best Auckland-based wedding planners can help you pick the apt mandap design. Keeping the property as the focal point, you can either go near the ocean, mountain or forest and create the wedding mandap that you desire.

If you choose to place the wedding mandap close to the waterfront, you can get an amazing mirage effect. Instead of drapes, beautiful flowers around the water can add charm to the mandap set-up.

Choose Minimal Mandap to Stay Simple 

For those who like simple weddings, minimal mandap is the best option. Wedding mandap decorators in Auckland can create a minimal design if you like. To match the look of the mandap, you must go with minimal make-up and minimal jewellery also. It is a trendy option at the moment as the focus stays on the groom and bride. And, it is a great thing.

Do you like any of these wedding mandap ideas? Tell your wedding planner and they will make it a reality.