Ways to Stay Organised with Wedding Planning and Management in Auckland

 Ways to Stay Organised with Wedding Planning and Management in Auckland

Staying organised is the key to success when it comes to wedding planning. While some people have a knack for planning, others may fall miserably on the way. By hiring a service of wedding planning and management in Auckland, you can stay on track. Have you started to plan your wedding without much organisation? Don’t worry! You can start to plan your wedding now. It’s never too late when you have Hamilton based wedding planners and decorators with you.

Here’s how you can stay on track with your wedding planning.

Create a Mail for Wedding and Check It

First, you must create an email for your wedding which can be beneficial in the long run. If you do this, you can get all the wedding-related documents in one place. Plus, when the wedding is over, the vendor will not crowd your regular mailbox. However, you have to check emails often to take advantage of the process. In addition, you must keep all the wedding documents within a folder and save them on Google Docs. It allows you to find something easily. If something is lost, you can get it easily due to digitisation.

Maintain a Planning Timeline

Months and years before your wedding date, you can break down your work such as the hiring of wedding planners, vendors, and all events flower decorators in Auckland with a small and handy timeframe. It is also better to keep in mind what may happen in your personal life during the same time. If you have a plan, you can become confident about managing everything on time. As a result, you can make some progress on the way. It is fun to give a tick one by one on the checklist for your wedding planning and take the stress away.

Keep a Budget Outline 

People may think that you are budget obsessed. However, it is always better to have a budget. Due to a lack of planning, you may go over your budget. And it happens only if you do not keep track. If you want to avoid such mishaps, you must create a full budget breakdown with the names of vendors attached to it. By discussing with your Hamilton based wedding planners and decorators, you can create an estimate for diverse types of vendors. It allows you to know every aspect of wedding planning in detail. Every expenditure must be tracked carefully. 

Have a List of Booked Vendors

Basic information about the vendor along with some necessary information must be kept in a document. When you require any detail about a vendor such as information about all events flower decorators in Auckland, one glance at the document should be enough to stay on track.

For each vendor, you must have the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Service Provided
  • Contact Person with mail and phone number
  • Time of Booking
  • Money Paid 
  • Remaining Balance with Due Date and Payment Method

Make a To-Do List

From big jobs to smaller ones, you must have a list for every task. It is better to research wedding vendors, style inspirations and decoration ideas. A list enables you to remember everything and finish it on time. Even little things will not be missed in this way.

Draft a Seating Chart

If you have some extra time in hand, you can create a seating chart as it proves to be useful when guests join the wedding. However. It is also true that it is not possible to finalise the seating chart as you may not know who’s coming and not coming to the wedding till the last moment. 

Food Service: When you have decided to offer a plated dinner to the guests, you have to fix the seating position for them. For buffet-style food service, you can distribute the tables. However, it is important to keep track of how many guests can enjoy food at a time. If you like the families to seat together, you need to have a specific number for each table. 

Services of wedding planning and management in Auckland can help to deal with the wedding organisation in a better manner. So, you must contact professionals as soon as possible.